Atul Gupta


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A core focus of my work has been to leverage technology to fix bottlenecks in business workflows. And consequently improve not only the processes themselves but also the work environment of the people that are involved. I am very keen on seeing things work as they should. To this end, I like to go the extra mile and put in additional effort to make it happen. At Accenture, I was able to realize this vision. I voluntarily automated 15 client processes which saved tens of thousands of hours of manual work, reduced the chance of human error and sped up workflows that had been stagnant for a decade. Accenture has recgonized me as 'TechStar 2022' in lieu of my efforts. This success motivated me to pursue a master's degree in Computer Science. Here I have focused on upskilling in two major aspects: software development and machine learning. I am looking for full time roles in the industry. My ideal position would be where I can apply my learned knowledge as well as learn something new.


Work Experience


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Master of Science - Computer Science

Stevens Institue of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, USA

Bachelor of Technology - Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Vellore Institue of Technology, Vellore, TN, India