Atul Gupta
Flight Delay Analysis

Analysis of flight data from 2009-2018.

Tags: Machine Learning, Big Data, PySpark

Solar Collaboration

A web application facilitating green energy.

Tags: MongoDB, Node.js, React.js, CSS (bootstrap), HTML

Credit Score Classification

Analysis of credit score data of 50k customers.

Tags: Machine Learning, Feature Engineering, Data Analysis


Automated worldwide code deployment.

Tags: ASP.Net, Python, PowerShell, SQL, Scripting, PyQt5


Calculator that works with input of any length and produces output in standard notation.

Tags: Python

Predator-Prey Simulator

A simple simulation of natural balance of predator-prey population in the wild.

Tags: C++

Server MSI

Rebuilds a windows server from the ground up according to client's specifications.

Tags: ASP.Net, PowerShell, SQL, Windows, Scripting, Automation

Movie Recommender System

Analysis of movie ratings data to create a new watchlist for a user. Uses Cosine Similarity and SVD.

Tags: Python, Linear Algebra